For what is faith but the carriage that bears us to our native land?
~Aelred of Rievaulx: In Charity Alone is True Peace and Contentment from ENLARGING THE HEART

Faith and Love  
The door of heaven will be opened 
to the Christian soul refined by love. 
God wants it!  
Approaching, it happens.
This angelic image appears to symbolize
heart and soul, refined by God's love, received into Heaven
Faith enlightens us, Hope supports us, Love draws us. 
Chez Ch. Letaille, Paris
Let us not attach ourselves to the foreign land, 
not search for sweetness, except in the Light.
At death, the Christian soul rises to Heaven.
Jesus himself is the Pilot
Chas. Letaille
On the road to Heaven
Faith enlightens us...  Hope supports us,
Love draws us!
Mary followed Jesus... Let us follow our Mother!
Letaille, Paris
Like the bird, our souls have wings with which to fly toward heaven.
hand colored engraving
The path that leads to life is narrow and difficult,
but whatever it costs me there will I go.
Poor sinner, 
why flee the true path?
Even so, the Good Shepherd himself wants to guide you.  
Bouasse Lebel 1346
My heart burns with the desire to live in your courts, O blessed City!
Toward the heavenly Jerusalem
let us unite our efforts here below for a good end ~
to find ourselves in the living room of the very happy.
Courage, Courage We will get there.
on verso
The Sheep of Heaven
Happy are those who aspire to heaven.
Bouasse Lebel
Plentitude of Light.  Perfect fullness.
The Lord God will be their light.
And all things
will be clearly disclosed to them,
She is the Door of Heaven. 
Bouasse Lebel Plate 872
The Door of Heaven
His Call.
Yes, I see! It is the star of the good day, 
Mary, who wants to be my light and lead me to Heaven.
I am here! Come share my triumph and my glory! In the Court of the Queen of Heaven, you will have the office of the Faithful Subject in time and in eternity.
It is the Blood of the Son of God 
that opens for us the door of heaven.
Blot, Paris
All the souls who this Torrent will sprinkle will have Life. 
Those who eat of this bread
will live forever.
Langlume, Paris

That our heart, close to God, may be purified more and more 
until the day we are granted eternal repose.

Could "repose" be depicted any more beautifully than by 
this image of the love between Creator and creature?
The End of the Voyage
It is night. We are gaining the port...
We touch it: ALLELULIA!

Come, blessed of my Father. These crowns belong to you: 
Faith, Hope, Love, Chastity, Sweetness, Humility,  Lejeune, Paris
Based on Matt. 25:34 Come, ye blessed of my Father, 
inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning.

By it we will be saved.
hand colored np
Hearts armed with the Cross, walk with courage.
Heaven will be your portion.
Lord, open to me the house
that your Love has prepared for me.
I have left the glory to embrace the ignomy of THE CROSS.
This is the key that closes hell and opens HEAVEN. Bouasse Lebel 814
At last you have given ear to my longing, you are breaking my chains, receive me Lord in your mercy.
She has suffered for Jesus, and Jesus will carry her in His arms and fill her with abundant graces. Bouase Lebel 330
Who will give me the wings of the dove to fly to my Mother?..

Note: in each corner of the card is the answer to this question ~  JESUS
JHS iota-eta-sigma, or ΙΗΣ — derived from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus
The soul, in the sorrow that presses her down, raises her prayer to you.
To love... to suffer... to die... in union with Mary.
Come, joyous dear soul, heaven is thy abode. Turgis 1030
Rest after the voyage.  
You carry us to heaven on the wings of your generous love. E. Bouasse Jeune
It is good to serve Jesus Christ. 
And death is sweet to those who love Him.
Ch. Letaille, Paris
Faith, Hope, and Love
These are the keys to my paradise that I bring to the earth. 
Bouasse Lebel, Paris 1058
Blessed are those who weep on earth 
for they shall be comforted in heaven.
To you, my God, I entrust myself.
Alas, on earth all passes away, everything ends.
A few days still, and we will be united in Heaven.
For you the Crown in Heaven.
For me the Thought on earth.